The Die Zunft AG ist a M & A company specialised in wine industry activities. We accompany investors, founders, successors and existing wineries. As a business in an industry characterized by many traditions, our actions are set up for the long-term whilst respective of those traditions. We are solution-oriented and put great emphasis on committed partnerships. We evaluate particularly the market opportunities of projects. Our focus is the development prospects of the individual wineries while taking into account possible risks. We can give support in the following areas:

1. Project development / project acquisition
2. Monitoring of transactions
(buying and selling of wineries / properties / objects)
3. Establishment of investment / development companies
4. Project implementation
(acquiring and selecting appropriate partners , personnel search)
5. Property management (commercial / technical / infrastructure)
6. Press and Public Relations
7. Control functions for the investor / owner
8. Concepts for the repositioning of wineries
9. Market development
10. Development of communication strategies

We will be glad to make you an individual offer.
You can contact us via email info@zunftnetz.org
or phone +49 (0) 6322 / 989794